Delegat's Global Head Office

The Global Head Office occupies two floors of an existing building in Fanshawe Street , downtown Auckland. The office was occupied throughout the duration of the project.

Rigorous task analysis, implemenation of methodologies and smart programnming



Creating the huge floor penetrations to accommodate staircases and glass floors were one of the challenges presented to Stanley Interiors. This required some lateral thinking involving the whole team.

With some rigorous task analysis, implementation of methodologies, smart programming and communication – the project took shape with disruption minimised wherever possible.




The building sits on a complex foundation system, designed specifically for this structure, to protect it in the event of severe earthquake. Through Stanley’s early involvement in the foundation design process, together with our hand-picked engineers, we were able to trim tens of thousands of dollars out of the final construction cost.

Running concurrently with the architectural and structural design, Stanley Construction teamed up with a number of very competent companies with a design build status, which enables us to deliver a turn-key solution to the electrical, hydraulic services, mechanical services, drainage and fire security.

Project Details

Contract Range:
$1.5M - $2M

Delegat’s Wine Estate New Zealand

21 Weeks

Completion Date:
July 2009

Stanley Project Manager:
Sean Wood

Stanley Site Manager::
David Newton

Principal's Project Manager:
Richard Bullock

Gaze Commercial Ltd