Whangapoua Bach Retreat

This 4 bedroom family holiday home located in the Coromandel Peninsula. This large floating pod type of house was constructed using both offsite manufacturing techniques as well as conventional onsite building methods.

Offsite prefabrication enabled this project to be built within the timeframe




An existing house was removed from site and subdivision requirements completed before work could commence. The large block base was constructed while the team in the Modular factory were making plywood floor panels that form the base of the house, over which a structural steel frame was placed. Prefabricated walls were manufactured in modular sections, aluminium joinery was installed into the frames, and majority of the Lawson’s Cyprus timber exterior cladding was installed in the factory controlled environment. Bathroom and ensuite pods were constructed offsite complete with linings and plumbing fixtures to speed up the process.

Challenges included the site cut which was 5m high in sand and required retaining quickly with long piles vibrated into position. The safe installation of large components on the sloping site with powerlines in close proximity meant wind conditions were carefully monitored. A big time saving onsite was achieved when the team came up with constructing the fully membraned gutter in one 14m piece in the factory.

Offsite prefabrication enabled this project to be built within the timeframe. With Coromandel building being so busy and the location remote, access to personnel was very limited, so prefabrication assisted in largely eliminating this issue.



Project Details

Contract Range::
$1M - $1.5M

Contract Type:

Farquhar Family

5 Months

Completion Date:
March 2015

Stanley Project Manager:
Jason Hill

Rob Aerts, Alignworks

Principal’s Project Manager:
Debbie Graham