Grey Lynn Lodge

Based on an extremely tight site, this project completed by Stanley Construction is another example of how utilising pre-fabricated components has multiple benefits, this time in an occupied residence where minimal disruption was essential in the process.

Off site factory manufacturing allowed us to achieve a more efficient programme




An existing old building was demolished, then the prefabricated component of the build was a new two story building, which was attached to this central city lodge in Auckland. 36 bedrooms and 14 ensuite bathrooms were added, along with a new kitchen, shared lounge and a manager’s office. There was also significant alterations undertaken to the existing building as well.

Throughout the project there were 16 tenants residing in the adjoining lodge, so great care was taken to minimise disruption. Health and safety was paramount to ensure tenants, staff and visitors were safe to move around during the construction period.

Off site factory manufacturing allowed us to achieve a more efficient programme for this project. Prefabricated components could be delivered at off peak times, and with difficult access to the new building site, a crane was used to install the wall panels, floor panels, and ensuite bathroom pods efficiently.



In a mere two weeks the ground and first floors were built, with the second floor bathroom pods installed and the external walls erected, and fixed off. By the end of week three, the whole building was watertight and the external joinery and long run roofing completed. The approach for this project was to use proven clever techniques which would enable the ease and speed of construction in every step of the process.

This was achieved, with careful scheduling to ensure efficient transport logistics, minimising equipment and wastage on site.



Project Details

Contract Range:
$2M - $2.2M

Contract Type:
Fast Track Design & Build Contract

VCM Investments

2 months Design & Consenting
4 months Construction Period

Completion Date:
August 2015

Stanley Project Manager:
James Simpson

Earl Rutherford - MOTM Architect

Structural Engineer:
Warwick Banks - KCL Ltd