Chateau Tongariro

Adding a new wing to an historic hotel in a sensitive alpine environment brought out the best in the Stanley team.

The Chateau Tongariro is a 75-year-old landmark; a building fiercely protected by the Historic Places Trust.

All finishing work had to be in keeping with the hotel’s original décor; the renovations seamless.




With the hotel’s location being close to the snow line in Tongariro National Park, there was strict environmental restraints to adhere to, and the Department of Conservation kept a close watch.

With the construction footprint allowed to extend just 1.5m from the walls of the new wing, the project could not be achieved using traditional construction techniques.

The solution was Modular construction – building modules off-site, transporting them to site, then lifting them into place by crane.

Stanley Modular provided the whole solution, less on-site operations ensured the preservation of the existing flora and fauna around the site and less disruption to the hotels day to day operations.


This building method also reduced the project’s exposure to local labour shortages and the atrocious weather. 

Project Details

Price Range:
$5M - $6M

Contract Type:
Design & Build

10 months

Completion Date:
June 2005

Stanley Project Manager:
Graeme Morrison

Stanley Quantity Surveyor:
Robyn DeMasi

Principal’s Project Manager:
Chris Abbey - Abacus QS Ltd

Desgin Architects:
Barry Nix - Barrakuda Design