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Stanley Modular

A video presentation showcasing some of the most successful recent projects completed by Stanley Modular. Each project benefited from significant offsite manufacturing techniques to ensure a safe, cost effective and high quality project. You’ll see some wonderful imagery highlighting the multi award winning Knoll Ridge Café on Mount Ruapehu, Cooper and Co’s Britomart Retail complex, Housing New Zealands “rightsize” project, numerous Ministry of Education projects and the five level, 40 room Grand Chateau extension.

HNZ Rightsize Time lapse

An example where pre-fabricated construction is used for a social housing project. Multiple two-bedroom houses and two-bedroom extensions were constructed using a factory manufacturing process. Our specific approach for this project was to target ease, flexibility and speed of construction. Utilising pre-fabrication allowed us to exploit our manufacturing capabilities to their full potential, while our fully collaborative design ethos extracts maximum benefit from the Design and Build contract model.

We were less impacted by adverse weather, and less time on site reduced the risk of construction hazards. In addition, by manufacturing “in house” we were able to control quality better, reduce material wastage and react quickly to any changes in the programme demand. Stanley Construction managed the entire process from design, consenting and construction through to obtaining compliance.

Furthermore, these manufacturing capabilities have been streamlined on a lean manufacturing model in order to ensure minimal wastage, minimal handling of materials, high levels of repetition and robust quality assurance procedures. Basically we looked for savings at every conceivable step in the process albeit it through “bulk buying”, re-engineering “wastage” to become useable product, or simply by careful scheduling to ensure efficient transport logistics.

Ocean Shores Redevelopment


Ocean Shores Retirement Village, Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty.  One of the larger in the area; the village boasts 124 villas and 84 apartments; housed in two 3-storey apartment blocks.

Primarily a remediation project; the village took the opportunity to also upgrade all their facilities. Their two monolithic clad apartment buildings; along with the Community Centre were all subject to water ingress. The villages pool room was also demolished, redesigned and reconstructed. As the village needed to be fully operational; minimal impact on the residents was priority in selecting a suitable partner and process – as was the tight timeframe to complete this complex project. 

Stanley Construction successfully completed the project by using some clever methodology and  unique methods.

St Benedicts Apartment Remediation


Remediation of the St Benedicts Apartments in central Auckland City 2011. Challenging access to the 30 unit Apartment Block called for a clever approach to this project. Stanley Group used prefabricated panels to minimise disruption on this busy inner city street. It enabled the remediation and recladding of the project to be completed within 5 months - winning praise from tenants and stakeholders involved. 

 The Birth of Kakano


The Birth of Kakano. A beautifully designed and built meeting room built to represent a seed pod for Te Wananga-o-Raukawa, the Institute of Maori Advancement in Otaki, New Zealand. A meeting room with its own unique mana. (Kakano - a seed pod, represents a new beginning)

Maori Pacifica Trade Training Partnership

Stanley Group, in partnership with Ngāti Hauā Iwi Trust and Waikato Wintec launches our Maori and Pacifica Trade Training partnership.The program has been designed to provide a NZQA Level 4 certificate in construction for Ngāti Hauā and  Ngāti Tūwharetoa youth between the age of 18 and 24 and is run from our Modular premises in Matamata.

Watch the Maori Television news video here


Closeup - High Noon Express Mt Ruapehu


Hobbs Wharf - Building Erected in Less Than Two Weeks


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Stanley Modular