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Piece by piece, your plans come together

Stanley Modular are changing the face of New Zealand construction. Customers are not just saving money, they’re getting a faster return on investment because construction timeframes are so much shorter.

Whatever you do, don’t confuse modular buildings with temporary buildings. Modular building is the ‘production-line’ manufacturing of ‘modules’ that make up residential and commercial buildings. Stanley’s modular buildings are manufactured at our premises and delivered to your site in one or more sections. While they can be a quick fix to a temporary problem, most of the projects we take on deliver an attractive, permanent solution.

Reasons to go modular:

  • Your budget will go further.
  • Difficult and/or remote sites are easier to develop.
  • Bad weather won’t slow the progress of your project.
  • No construction delays associated with the late delivery of materials.
  • Reduced material wastage.
  • Quick construction means an earlier return on investment.
  • Quality standards are easier to monitor.
  • On-site finishing can easily be handled by a small construction crew.
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Our Scope
Motel suites, apartments, commercial premises, schools, restaurants, factories, ski clubs…

Our Projects
Find out who’s clicked onto the modular way of doing things. Our project portfolio is growing rapidly.

Our Innovations
When you’re thinking in modules, new ideas pop up all the time. Check out some of the clever strategies that we’ve discovered.